We welcome Amy Benn and the team from Church Alliance for Social Transformation (CAST) as a member joining the Poverty Stoplight Movement.

CAST is a registered non-profit organisation (2009) and Trust (2011) that mobilises and equips local churches for compassionate action among the poor in their communities. They have developed partnerships with a number of schools, clinics and community based organisations in the poorer communities where they are based. They are currently serving more than 2500 poor and destitute people each month in 7 communities in the greater Durban area, where they provide food parcels as well as a range of services such as counseling, youth development, sport, mentoring, business forums and educational assistance.

CAST will be integrating the efforts of their different departments to enable stronger impact, using a re-focused approach that sees communities taking responsibility for their journeys out of poverty. They plan to run a pilot in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province for about 200 people in the second half of 2016.