We welcome Richard Saner and the team from Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) as a member joining the Poverty Stoplight Movement.

Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) is an award winning non profit that employs 55 people at its multi-service facility, embedded within a disadvantaged community incongruously to be found in the affluent Cape Town suburb of Westlake. WUCT acts as a hub for the community of approximately 10,000 people. The staff are mostly employed from the community and 95% are historically disadvantaged individuals. The WUCT project addresses issues of extreme poverty, ill health, early childhood development, unemployment and social issues.

The Westlake community has 700 households with about 15-20 people per house. All the usual issues of poverty and exclusion can be found in the community and WUCT is determined to find out what’s actually happening on the ground by understanding the poverty and culture profile of the households they serve and whether the programmes they have in place are truly meeting the needs of the community. They also want to gain knowledge about the strengths and talents/skillsets of families. Poverty Stoplight is the starting point for a need’s analysis that will provide (1) evidence of social impact brought about through current programmes and (2) direction on what and how to implement new initiatives.