The Impact Map

Big data can be generated through aggregated info and mapped onto Google maps, offering a better perspective of the real issues at hand in specific areas of the country, and scaling for a national snapshot in time. These maps can enhance decision-making for government services such as electricity and sanitation and can influence priorities for engagement.

Note: The map data may take a little time to load – be patient.

Use your mouse to zoom in and out of the map to view different parts of the country. Click on an indicator on the right and watch as the latest up-to-date poverty status of households is displayed for that indicator. Every green, yellow and red dot represents a household’s response. As more organisations and programmes come on-board, we would like to see this map lighting up all over the country, showing us where the biggest needs are, as well as affirming the success of initiatives using the Poverty Stoplight approach as they assist households in their journeys out of poverty, moving the reds and yellows to greens.