TGM 2023 L

The Greenlight Movement Conference for 2023 was a huge success!

To all who attended: your insights, courageous conversations, and willingness to connect made this a truly memorable event. There is work to be done and we feel re-invigorated and ready to take on the next phase of the Movement. Tina, Kate, and I salute you.

You can watch the 2023 Greenlight conference wrap-up video here.

Thank you so very much once again for creating a supportive, challenging & encouraging environment for the development sector! Your passion for this work is clear & much appreciated! Hope you have a very restful weekend. Aleks Jablonska, Learn To Earn

Thank you SO much for a beautiful, informative and very CONNECTED conference. There was more authentic discussion about mental wellness than I experienced at the mental health conference! I left the Greenlight conference feeling like I had made great new friends and wonderful professional alliances with people who really GET IT! We are so pleased to be joining the movement. Much love and gratitude. Tracey Kotzen, CEO, MWI

Just wanted to say thank you again. The work you are doing is so epic and I’m really stoked that we are partners and proud of the impact we are having together. Looking forward to our next engagement. Keep shining your light! Edward Colle, CEO Belgotex

Thank you SO much for last week. Eye opening, expansive, progressive. Huge congratulations to you and your team. Progressive development philosophy with like-minded organisations. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Jane Mills, CEO, NOAH

Congratulations on an excellent conference. An exceptional event. Well organised and executed all round. As well as inspiring and heart-warming. One of the best events I have attended in a long while! I so enjoyed my day with everyone yesterday. Thank you for the invite and opportunity to see the fabulous work of the Greenlight Movement. Congrats!! Dr Jenny Feldman, Lecturer in Education at Stellenbosch University

Thanks so much for inviting me to participate, I want to congratulate you on building an amazing community. Feel really fortunate that we can play a small part in helping it to grow. Appreciate the lessons from all the sessions today. Jason Bygate, Capacitate

Congrats! The strength, passion and commitment of everyone in the movement is exciting and uplifting! Such a powerful and enjoyable conference. Inspiring speakers, deep engagement and still so much more yet to come! Gary Shearer, The Saville Foundation

I would like to take this time to thank you for inviting us to the Greenlight conference. I really had a fantastic time at the conference, believe me I feel motivated and I feel like the little contribution I am making in people’s lives are valued. I want to do more and all thanks to you, your lovely team, and all the speakers. I have learned a lot and thanks again. Looking forward to working with you and learning from you. Tebatso Molapo, Greenlight Facilitator, Clothes To Good.